Doctor Marino Mariano

Dietitian, specialized in Sport, works in the provinces of Bologna, Parma and Gran Canaria

Doctor Marino MarianoAmong his current patients are some elite athletes, especially professional cyclists, ultramarathon runners, sprinters, football players and boxers.
Among the amateur are recreational cyclists, footballers, volleyball players, boxers, body builders and even triathletes, some of good competitive level already known in the region.
Since 2012 Doctor Marino is part of the staff of Ultramarathon Working Team (UWT), a team specialized in following at 360° running athletes who want to approach, in a adequate and customized way in terms of nutrition and physical preparation, the “ultra” world it is races ranging from 50 km to 24 hours and beyond.


Each one of us is called, during his/her life, to fulfil a mission:

My aim is to educate, through my knowledge, and transmit the principles of a healthy lifestyle, working on all aspects concerning nutrition and physical movement.

My goal is make everyone understand, before applying, what to do and especially why you do it.

Clear ideas will result in a permanent change, because the real aim of any action is the search for the physical, mental and spiritual wellness.


I was born in Bologna on 26/03/1981. I graduated in 2006 with 110/110 at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, courses in Dietetics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and later, in 2007 I obtained a Master’s Degree in Sport Science and Fitness at the University of Camerino. I am still completing my studies in order to achieve a further degree in physical activities and sports sciences.

I am a personal trainer specializing in exercises with isotonic equipment, cardio machines, functional training, personal training for patients in particular physiological conditions (pregnancy, elderly, post-traumatic training, etc.)

Istruttore di Training Funzionale, specializzato in allenamento a corpo libero, con attrezzi, Kettlebell e Trx.

I am Functional Training instructor, specializing in training bodyweight, with tools, Kettlebell and TRX, and fitness instructor specialized in Body Building, Circuit Training and Cardiofitness.

Since November 2006 I worked for about a year in the research centre and Sport Science at the in Modena for CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), gaining a 360 ° experience in the field of nutrition and sport.
Since 2008 I joined the non-profit organization Friends of the Liver, where he worked as a member of a multidisciplinary team specialized in different clinical and epidemiological studies, including the AIFA study, on patients with hepatitis C, and the European study EFC10143-10144 promoted by Sanofi Aventis, concerning the trial of Rimonabant drug in the treatment of steato – hepatitis of non alcohol – related origin (NAFLD and NASH), with subsequent publications.
I have been engaged for more than a year in the European study FLIP, on the liver steatosis of non alcohol – related origin.
I worked as well with a international food company.

Since 2008 I work as a freelance nutritionist.



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