Diet coach

Reach your goals in an easy, fast and innovative way

Now you can change ONCE AND FOR ALL your lifestyle in no time by benefiting of a full immersion and innovative service.

Are you looking for customized service?

Can you hardly comply with the dietary guidelines?

Have you a demanding job, without schedules that forces you to stay often away from home?

Have you problems in doing the shopping?

Don’t you know what to prepare or is your cuisine quite monotonous?

Have you problems in training, have you little incentive or can’t get results?

Do you want to achieve permanent results in the fastest possible way?


Now you can exploit the PERSONAL COACH service

You will be followed at a professional level and in a personalized way at all stages of the day:

From breakfast to dinner, you will be accompanied to the food store and in any lunch or business appointment.

The workout as well will be studied in detail, trying to customize it according to the objectives and the available time.

You can do different workouts with different equipment, depending on the tastes of the customer, so as to make every session effective, but pleasant and diverse at the same time.

You will have the opportunity to be followed for weeks in case of working or dedicated vacations.



The service will be fully planned and customized according to needs, objectives and time availability.