Life Style

The word "diet" comes form the Greek and means "Life style"

In order to get to a healthy life style you have to implement a healthy behavior: it’s fundamental to feed correctly and make a right and adequate physical activity. The human being must be evaluated in her/his complex.

The current problem with diets is their idea of sacrifice and food restriction, in addition to the exclusion and the absolute prohibition of certain elements which in reality often are essential to human well-being.

Banking only on the weight loss, excluding several other aspects, will not lead to improvements in the person’s health, instead will probably create further problems in time.
You can see this with low-calorie diets in general: the excessive restriction may well drive to a drop in weight on the scale, but also to various imbalances in terms of health and wellness.

It is not so rare indeed in some cases to detect gastrointestinal problems such as discomfort, heartburn, constipation or other, as well as problems of the general conditions: excessive fatigue, low energy, dry skin, up to bad blood tests.
The inevitable consequence is the abandonment of the diet over time, with damage of your health and misconceptions about the diet itself.
Low-calorie diets have always failed, but why?
The answer is very simple: patients are not provided the awareness of the new lifestyle that they are going to adopt.

A person needs to know the path that she/he is going to take and above all understand the reason of it: what effect will have upon themselves, their own health and the surroundings.
Diet means to interaction, becoming passionate about food, having pleasure in what you do and especially learning new skills and interests on the subject, evolving towards a personal growth which will lead you to build a vision of what the world of food is about.
Feeding is a pleasure, you have to enhance it by focusing on the quality of what you eat or prepare.
Forget about the usual leaflet with the usual information about the weights or the foods to be introduced or excluded.
Only by changing the complex of your lifestyle you can get effective results that will last in the long term.
The real objective to achieve is health.

Improve the quality of your life once and for all.
Welcome, there is a whole world to discover!