Dinners with the Dietitian

We organize home dinners and events on natural cuisine meeting the “Natural Diet” criteria with tasty recipes, both healthy and nutritious, customized according to the tastes and demands of the customer.

Nowadays we feel more and more the need to feed in a healthy and balanced way.
It is also true that “healthy” food is often a problem in daily life, due to lack of knowledge of particular foods, herbs, spices, etc., and related recipes.

The daily diet, therefore, is likely to become rather monotonous, leading people to assume bad habits in nutrition, preferring low-quality foods with low nutritional value, often damaging their health just for the exaltation of the tastes and flavours they have (strong, but certainly not healthy).

Nor restaurants, where people sometimes gather for conviviality and eating something “different” offer this option. Even fine and so-called “high quality” places for the abundance of recipes, tasty dishes of all kinds with various preparations, do not follow healthy methods of preparation of food with a right placement in the field of nutrition.

So, if your interest is to feeding “good”, but at the same time “healthy,” you can book your special home evening with friends and colleagues.

With a personalized consulting service, you can meet the needs of each guest, with no prejudice for the taste and flavour of the food as well as the beauty and originality of the various courses.

healthy diet, natural varied and tasty … you can !!



  • Full planning and organization of the menu
  • Preparations and customizing of the dishes
  • Custom services according to needs


  • Meeting the needs of different types of customers
  • Improving the quality of meals
  • Safety of correct feeding
  • Experimenting different types of food, scarcely used in traditional menus
  • Having an important reference point
  • Delighting and surprising the participants at the event
  • Taking the cue from various proposed recipes to repeat the same dishes in everyday life, making more varied and less monotonous your diet.