H.A.C.C.P. Advice

Food hygiene and management of the H.A.C.C.P. system

The Consultant is a well-established reference figure in the food industry of all kinds, as his professionalism is the basis of successful implementation of the productions and especially the management of practical-bureaucratic procedures borne by the operators.

The Consultant for Food Production finds the application of his/her professional skills in many trade and business areas, starting from ‘simpler’ business as herbalists and tobacco shops, health food stores, bars, wine bars, pubs, yogurt shops, piadina sellers, ice cream parlours, pharmacies, street vendors, fruit sellers, haulers, grocery stores, frozen food stores up to more structured trade realities like pizzerias, restaurants, takeaways and delicatessens, catering for celiac, fresh pasta products, bakeries and pastry shops, catering centres, grocery stores, food fairs and festivals, and organized complex structures such as school canteens (with particular attention to nurseries), company canteens, university canteens, cafeterias, supermarkets, wholesale and retail food companies of any kind, both with direct sale of fresh and packaged food, at increasingly complex levels.

The Consultant can also provide training activities in every sector in different ways in accordance with the regional guidelines.


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