Detox programs

In everyday life we ​​are often “intoxicated” by stress, by unbalanced diets rich in refined flours and simple sugars, dyes, preservatives, animal products, poor quality fats, and industrial derivatives and vegetal food contaminated by chemical residues.

Drugs, alcohol, pollution, and other poisons that often sneak into everyday life do nothing but increasing toxaemia in the body.

The effect is completely detrimental: fatigue, discomfort, difficult digestion, daily aches and pains, overweight, etc.

These “intoxicating” situations with time lead the body to be seriously ill and then the general inflammation takes shape in various diseases: from metabolic and chronic conditions up to cancer, sometimes ending in depressive conditions and / or development of addictions of various aetiology.
The detoxification is the fundamental process that the body puts in place every day to remove the endogenous harmful substances.

The rehabilitation programs are an excellent opportunity to enjoy a new healthy lifestyle; the opportunity to know natural foods and a new health paradigm, which includes as basic foundation the mental and spiritual balance of the person as well.
Days to learn, days to purify your body and mind, days to enrich your soul.
in a natural paradise away from all … find the energy to start again



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