Wellness seminars

Much more than a diet

Leading a healthy lifestyle becomes an impossible goal to reach if you do not understand why you want it and what results can provide in terms of health and wellness.

The dietary approach between professional and patient today is often summed up in a single sheet of paper called “DIET”, where they are enclosed strict and restrictive guidelines to follow that almost always lead to negative outcomes in the long term.

Often the word “DIET”, is associated with words such as: sacrifice, restraint, social exclusion and so on. But is this the truth? Or is simply our unconscious that guides us to these thoughts because of all the failures of the past?

Most of our actions in everyday life is in fact ruled by the unconscious, and this also concerns our diet.

Usually we eat certain foods out of habit or led by taste sensations that often take us away from what should be “healthy” food.

The question which really matters, however, is asking ourselves what we are actually eating: is there health with it? Quality? Will it make us feel good?

What about the taste? We eat like this because we like, or simply because in our life we ​​have never experienced different food and preparations, but we have always been accustomed to choose between a few well-selected categories of foods?

Well, the purpose of these seminars is to acquire a certain AWARENESS to guide us to correct choices, not just because the doctor said so, but because we understand and believe in what we are doing. Healthy cuisine is just a natural consequence, which will lead to a considerable improvement in our quality of life.

The goal of the seminar is to open your mind, to look at reality in a different way and in an informed way, to reach the health and overall well-being, and above all to rediscover the pleasure of it.

In just one weekend we can get the keys for a new path, a new lifestyle that will ensure results and satisfaction in the long term, because what we have always dreamed of is now within reach, simply changing approach, mindset and vision of things. A new world is ready to welcome us!